FORA House advantages


The complete structure is created solely from natural materials. There is a lower chance for respiratory diseases and allergic reactions.


All of our houses are equipped with a smart home system, for an optimal temperature, convenience and safety.


Our contemporary aesthetic solutions and big glazed surfaces also ensure that a FORA House is a great long-term investment.

Energy efficient

The well insulated walls, roof and glass surfaces ensure that the energy consumption of our houses remains low all year long.


Due to the weatherproof factory prefabrication and the on-site assembly, the construction is a lot faster than the traditional building methods.


There are no unexpected costs, the complete manufacturing process, the required materials and workforce can be precisely calculated in advance.


We build detached houses, multi-residential units and public buildings. Our work ranges from building the structure till the complete turnkey solution.

We also cover the complete architectural, HVAC, MEP and interior design tasks.

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We construct our structures from high quality, healthy and natural materials. We prefabricate our wall panels in a weather proof, well organised, heated factory. The ready made walls are assembled on-site, a lot faster than the traditional building methods.

After completing the structure, we finalise all the electricity, plumbing and tiling works and the building is ready for handover.

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