Construction timber

The main building material of our structures. Finger jointed, dried, planed, manufactured with the latest technologies. It does not deform. Every single piece is controlled. The durability of structural timber is at least as good as the durability of concrete. Compared to concrete it also has the benefit that it is thermal bridge-free. Finger joints are created with formaldehyde-free glue, thanks to the drying process no chemicals are needed to preserve the timber.

Rock wool

The main insulation material of our frames. Very durable, natural, does not shrink. It has very good fireproof attributes, since it doesn’t contain organic materials, no fume arises, even in case of long lasting high temperature load. It does not burn. Due to its low vapour diffusion resistance, vapour leaves rock wool insulated buildings easily. The surface moisture development on the inner walls is minimised, this means there is a lower chance for the occurrence of mold.

Wood fibre

The main insulation material of our facades.
It has very good thermal and sound insulation abilities, it is created from natural materials. Thanks to its great heat storage attributes, it protects buildings from overheating during the summer. The density and heat storage capacity of wood fibre is more than double of rockwools. It has low vapour diffusion resistance, vapor leaves the building easily. Rodent resistant, can be painted and plastered. It is low-flammable, and increases the fire safety of the building.

Gypsum fibre board

Stiff surface material, with very good sound insulation. Non-combustible, thus fire does not reach the structure core. Can be used in wet and dry rooms. It has very good mechanical attributes.